Squared tension


Casas dos Cubos/ EMBAIXADA arquitectura

casa-dos-cubos14 Architect: EMBAIXADA arquitectura

Team: Albuquerque Goinhas, Augusto Marcelino, Cristina Mendonça, Luis Baptista, Nuno Griff, Pedro Patrício, Sofia Antunes.

Client: Tomarpolis & Tomar City Hall

Site: Praceta Alves Redol, Portogallo

Project year: 2007

Project Area: 980,34 mq

Main goal of the project is the reuse of a former rundown factory infrastructure, very important point of the urban context of Tomar city. After several attachments and changes, the last design seems to be the right one: the new program comprises two different areas, the public area for exhibitions with a cafeteria and the private area with lecture rooms for invited artists.

The regular old plans has been preserved as also the entire external perimeter construction, so the project core is a new architectural body that runs troughout the available space defining two tipes of spaces “born from a visceral simbiosys and from the tension between this architectonic organism and the phisical limits that keep him in captivity”.

For the organism that contaminates the interior the studio create and develope a kind of skin, an abstract materiality. Through some kind of alchemy they developed a new substance, a new recipe, by conjoining some “ingredients”: Dark pigment, Acrylic resin and reflective glass spheres.

Written by: Mafra