The summer is crazy but N-eurodance is the rythm of the night, the night, oh yeah!

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GALA – come into my life
NIGHTCRAWLERS – push the feeling on
CAPELLA – u got 2 let the music
CORONA – baby baby
ATC – all around the world (la la la la la la)
ROBIN S – show me love
LA BOUCHE – be my lover
ALICE DEEJAY – better off alone
2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR – dreams (will come alive)
CULTURE BEAT – mr vain
AMBER – this is your night
ALEXIA – summer is crazy
2 UNLIMITED – no limit
DUNE – can’t stop raving

Selection by: Serena Di Carlo & Carlo Alberto Di Carlo
Mixed by: Carlo Alberto Di Carlo
Artwork: Carlo Albero Di Carlo